Are you feeling anxious about the impact of Brexit on your workforce? We have got you covered!

With Brexit looming, most business owners are anxious about what lies ahead. Now is the time to put a robust and proactive plan in place to prepare your business against uncertainties and place you ahead of your competitors.

Join our interactive webinar to learn the implications of Brexit, including:

  • Background to Brexit from an HR viewpoint
  • The Withdrawal Agreement and transition period
  • The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill
  • The impact on UK employment law generally

The impact on UK key employment legislation on HR, including discrimination, parental leave and pay, transfer of undertakings (TUPE), holidays and working time, collective redundancy consultation, agency workers, data protection, and freedom of movement of staff:

  • The impact on immigration
  • What happens if the UK leaves the EU with a deal?
  • What if there is a no-deal Brexit?
  • Key Takeaways
  • How LawBite can help you and your business

About the Speaker

Kim Knox is an experienced employment lawyer, having worked with a large regional law firm for several years on a wide range of employment issues. That has included the drafting of documentation such as contracts of employment, settlement agreements and disciplinary procedures; advising in respect of conducting disciplinary and grievance hearings and other HR matters, etc. More info here>> 

These interactive webinars are delivered by Newable in partnership with LawBite. 

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