Female Founders - Procurement Club: Pursuing growth through supply chains

About This Event


Discover how to overcome supply chain hurdles and maintain your business flow effectively 


Is your business facing barriers when identifying opportunities and gaining access to large supply chains?

This interactive virtual event is designed to help female founders & female entrepreneurs evaluate opportunities ensuring your business is ready to be assessed and accepted as an approved supply chain provider. 


Why should you attend?

Join J.P. Morgan and Newable for this free virtual networking event as we share insights to help identify, engage and gain access to key sector supply chains. Our conservation navigator will help you steer a stimulant discussion into evaluating your companies business readiness, covering the do's and don'ts of strategically planning your approach, lead you through the essentials of preparing your business to successfully win contracts and build long-term relationships to future-proof your supply chain position.



Part of the J.P. Morgan and Newable 'Creating Inclusive Supply Chain Programme' offering expert guidance, tailored advice and virtual events, our supply chain experts will help you explore the strategies required to prepare for and navigate future challenges.


What will you learn?

  • How to pursue growth through supply chains
  • Various growth opportunities available when accessing larger supply chains
  • What barriers small businesses may face when working with larger companies and how to overcome them
  • Understand how to access wider finance 
  • Collaborative tendering and its benefits 
  • Network with other female entrepreneurs and key experts over various topics through navigated conversations 
  • Key learnings and tools to take away from our industry experts


Featured Speaker

Patrick Nicholson
Business Support Manager, Newable

  • Helps SMEs strengthen skills in Tendering, Negotiation, Pitching, Financial/Costing & Pricing
  • Facilitates collaboration between potential buyers and suppliers
  • Previous lead diversity adviser on the Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration (DELI) 

Who is this event for?

This event is for London-based female entrepreneurs, founders or female business leaders from high-growth dynamic businesses looking to grow financially throughout 2021.


What's next?

To secure your place for Thursday, 04 March 2021, simply click the Apply here button on the bottom of this page.

Please note, only 40 places are available and places are limited to one delegate per business. 

Due to high demand, we recommend applying quickly.


Contact Us

Have a question about the event or the programme? Email our team at enableenterprise@newable.co.uk 



Excellent presentation, huge amount of valuable content and very insightful - very many thanks!"

-  Webinar Attendee | Using Social Media to Find New Clients, June 2020


About the Enabling Enterprise: Creating Inclusive Supply Chain Programme
Delivered by Newable and supported by J.P. Morgan

This programme is designed to help diverse entrepreneurs access new supply chains, expand into new markets and achieve sustainable growth through:

    • Support: Get help pitching to big brands & tap into larger supply chains
    • Events: Free virtual webinars, training & networking
    • Guidance: On tendering, negotiating, pitching, pricing and marketing
    • Access to opportunities: Engage with new buyers & receive tender alerts
    • Help to build credibility: Meeting compliance standards & receive accreditation
    • Networking: Connect with like-minded SMEs and female founders
    • One-to-one support: A highly experienced team of business advisers will be on hand to answer your questions 

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