Stage 5 - Deliver Effective Marketing: Grow Your Brand

About This Event

Learn how to translate your innovative ideas into a high-performing marketing campaign 

Do you have an innovative product or service, but not quite sure how to generate demand? Join this virtual event to learn how to connect, market and leverage interactions with your target audience to grow your brand and sales - a good product alone is not enough!

Innovate UK EDGE has launched an Innovation Journey Webinar Series, designed to offer in-depth guidance to help fast-track your business through the six stages of innovation. From idea generation, concept development, go-to-market strategies, to driving business growth and sales.


Why should you attend?

The 5th stage of our Innovation Series, Deliver Effective Marketing: Grow your Brand is designed to marketing's most critical function; converting creative and innovative ideas into viable customer value propositions. This involves communicating using digital marketing, multiple customer touchpoints and building your strategy to maximise your time, ROI and output. 

Our speakers will delve into:

  • How marketing makes brands grow - is there a need for your product and how can big data help?
  • Product Awareness - making your products visible and appealing at point of purchase.
  • Digital Marketing Execution - choose the right direction and building your strategy.


What will this virtual event cover?

  • Understand the importance of marketing to sustain the success of your start-up or new product/service
  • Learn how to convert your ideas into a viable commercial offering by understanding the value for you, for your consumer, and for your retailer.
  • Discover how to execute a digital strategy effectively 
  • Address your pain points with live Q&A with our marketing & innovation experts

Expert Speakers

Samantha Crossley 

Marketing Director  

  • Samantha Crossley is a chartered marketeer with nearly 20 years' experience delivering business goals through impacting consumer behaviour.
  • She has worked across a breadth of industries and businesses, from being one of the founding team members at Ella's Kitchen, through to delivering campaigns for Cadburys.
  • She is currently Marketing Director at Lily's Kitchen and a consultant for start-up/scale up businesses, specialising in marketing for entrepreneurial, purpose-led brands.