Strategic Growth Through Effective Supply Chain Management

About This Event

Discover how to overcome supply chain hurdles and evolve your current procurement strategy

Designed to help women entrepreneurs unleash their full potential, our Breaking Barriers Series brings together industry experts and female leaders to help your business get inspired, break-through roadblocks and supercharge growth.

Access to supply chains continues to be a key challenge facing many women-led businesses. This interactive event provides a valuable opportunity to evaluate the core touchpoints of your supply chain to help you effectively plan and execute sustainable growth in your business.


Why should you attend?

Do you have a forward-looking supply chain plan in place for your business? Join us as we explore the do's and don'ts of strategically planning your procurement approach to maintain an effective business flow, reduce costs and increase outputs.

Newable's Breaking Barriers series, part of the Fuelling Ambition Programme, in partnership with Innovate UK EDGE and with support from JPMorgan Chase, have designed this event to help women entrepreneurs build a strong supply chain strategy. Discover how to overcome hurdles and explore what makes a successful supply chain product life cycle with our expert speakers.

Are you looking for insights to:

  • Enter new supply chains and access large buying partners?
  • Learn how to manage stakeholder relationships?
  • Understand your product’s supply chain life cycle?
  • Identify the right technology assets?
  • Find the right structure and resources?

Then this event is for you! You will takeaway in-depth guidance on how to effectively manage the procurement process and build long-term relationships to future-proof your supply chain position.


What will this event cover?

  • Find out how to access large corporation and public sector supply chains
  • Hear insights on how to develop an effective supply chain strategy and what technology and tools to embed
  • Learn how to manage your supply chain team & stakeholders and present to tier one buyers
  • Discover how to create an effective product life cycle within your supply chain
  • Hear insights into the effective relationship management for sustainable business growth
  • Explore the supply chain procurement do's and don’ts
  • Network with like-minded women-led businesses on the same journey as you


Who is this event best-suited for?

Are you a high-growth London business looking to solve supply chain barriers and evolve your current procurement strategy? - If yes, then this event is for you!


  • Registered business in London 
  • A small or medium sized business with high-growth potential
  • Have a minimum of £150k+ in economic activity (turnover, sales pipeline, route to market secured)

Places will be allocated based on those businesses most aligned with this suitability criteria. 

Please note: This event is being held in-person, taking place at a London venue.


Event Details 

Date: Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Location: Central London (this event is being held in-person) - the venue address will be shared only with the successful applicants. 


What's next?

To secure your place for Tuesday, 2 November 2021 simply click the Express Interest Here button at the end of this page.

Only 40 places are available for this event and it is FREE to attend.

Places are limited to 2 delegates per company. 

Your application will be assessed based on the suitability criteria above.

Due to high demand, we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


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Very informative and educational. The information provided was very useful and the presenter was coherent."

Breaking Barriers Series 2018 Attendee



About the Fuelling Ambition Programme

With sustainable economic growth so difficult to secure, ensuring that women realise their full business potential is critical to the UK economy. Newable is the champion of business growth. We strive to generate positive social impact through the promotion of inclusive economic activity.

The Fuelling Ambition programme, launched in 2018, is designed to help women in business tackle these barriers and help them realise the commercial potential of their businesses.

How can Fuelling Ambition help you?

  • Support: Break-through your business barriers to grow and scale
  • Events: Free workshops, training and conferences
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded women-led businesses and founders
  • Mentoring: Helping businesses get going, stay on track and realise their potential
  • Bespoke one-to-one support: A highly experienced team of business specialists will be on hand to answer your questions

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