Blockchain & Business: Where do you fit?

About This Event

Explore the opportunities of blockchain technology for your business and supply chains 


Blockchain is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge in years disrupting business models all over the world. This technology is set to underpin the future of the internet and revolutionise the commercial world using the power of smart contract technology.

But what is Blockchain, how does it work and what are its cases?

Join us at this exclusive, in-person event where you will receive an introduction to blockchain, explore some of the problems it solves and showcase how it will play a major role in your businesses’ future. 


Meet the Speakers


Keynote Speaker

Bridget Greenwood
Founder, The Bigger Pie
Co-Founder, The 200Bn Club 

  • Bridget is the founder of The Bigger Pie, an award winning organisation focused on supporting women in blockchain and emerging tech. 
  • Bridget has worked with different actors in the blockchain economy since 2017, both retail facing and servicing institutional clients, gaining an insight into the market place, challenges, pitfalls, regulation and breadth of projects and businesses in this rapidly evolving space.
  • Bridget is also co-founder with Dr Amber Ghaddar at The 200Bn Club, an accelerator programme to help female led start ups match successfully with investors.

Parm Sangha
Executive Partner
Global Blockchain Leader, Trade and Trade Finance & EMEA Practice Leader, IBM

  • Parm is responsible for IBM Consulting’s EMEA Blockchain Practice and its global trade and trade finance enabled network initiatives.
  • Twenty-five years experience of advising clients on new business models with emerging technologies such as AI, IOT, Complex Event Processors, Blockchain, Web 3.0, Token economy and Metaverse
  • Parm is also a member of the International Chambers of Commerce’s Digital Working Group for Trade Finance Digitisation and engages globally with banks, regulators, governments and academia on the advocacy and adoption of technology.


Dan Jones
CEO & Co-Founder, Calyptus 

  • Dan has five years’ experience in Venture Capital and Blockchain
  • Lead Analyst at Newable Ventures’ Pre-Series A DeepTech Fund
  • Dan has previous experience as Investment Associate at Funderbeam, a blockchain-based stock exchange for start-ups
  • Alumni of Oxford University’s Blockchain Strategy Programme

Callum Crombie
CCO & Co-Founder, Calyptus 

  • Callum has five years’ experience in Tech & Enterprise Sales
  • Growth Lead at Unmind, a Series B mental health start-up for corporates
  • Previously Business Development Manager at GlobalData plc, a leading data analytics & business intelligence platform

Demiro Massessi 
CTO & Co-Founder, Calyptus 

  • Demiro has twelve years in software architecture and four years blockchain engineering experience at reputable Web3 start-ups
  • Experience of managing, training & hiring technical teams
  • Fluent in Solidity, Golang & Hyperledger

Guest Speakers

Michele D'Aliessi 
Co-Founder, SuperFluid 

  • Michele has been in Blockchain for over seven years, studying tokenomics and crypto network adoption, and supporting tech startup entrepreneurs with international growth, scale and operations for over nine years.
  • Michele is additionally an advisor to Fabric Ventures and a tokenomics lecturer at Bayes Business School. 

Arne Rutjes
Blockchain Practice Lead Europe, IBM Client Innovation Center 

  • Arne has co-founded and leads IBMs globally renowned blockchain development team based in Groningen, the Netherlands.
  • Arne has extensive experience designing and building large scale production blockchain solutions for enterprises and governments.


You will leave this workshop knowing 

  • Smart frameworks for discovering how blockchain might improve your product, service or processes
  • How smart contracts work and why they matter
  • A 360-view of where blockchain is commercially relevant today
  • Forecast on the future of blockchain & Web3 (2030 and beyond)
  • How to cut through the hype and jargon to understand blockchain’s real value

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Who is this event for?

This event is best suited for London-based SMEs, interested in exploring opportunities of blockchain technology. 

Suitability criteria

  • A registered business in London 
  • A small or medium-sized business with high-growth potential
  • Have a minimum of £150k+ in economic activity (turnover, sales pipeline, route to market secured)

Places will be allocated based on those businesses most aligned with this suitability criteria. Places are limited to two delegates per company. 

As part of Newable's 'Creating Inclusive Supply Chain Programme' supported by JPMorgan Chase, offering expert guidance, tailored advice and events, our experts will help you explore the strategies required for business growth. 


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